T.O.S.O.T Ministries & MagnifiCYNT Jewerly

I Promise

(Autographed copy) As the journey of The Other Side of Through continues, Talinda and Bernard find themselves in the valley of decision as Brandon speaks to them from the grave with a resounding shout… PROMISE ME! But wait… aren’t promises made to be broken? No one was prepared for the demands left behind by Brandon concerning his wife and unborn child. Lindsay’s secret is uncovered when she finds herself on unfamiliar ground… in love. Nevette and Justices’ perfect life is put on hold as disaster threatens to strike the Goodfellow home. The once tightly woven cords of their marriage start to unravel, leaving Justice desperately grasping to catch hold of the ends before they slither out of reach. Raymond suffers yet another loss, and we begin to wonder just who, if anyone, will be left standing when the smoke settles? The unexpected is on every turn as Talinda and Nevette’s journey continues.

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