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Legitimate Issues

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Dysan Jamison wakes up every morning at the same point of his dream. Right before he kisses her. Who is this woman? Obviously, they are, or have been, in an intimate relationship, because the bi-racial newborn baby he is holding looks almost exactly like him. He's Hispanic and Caucasian and somewhat perplexed, but not in the least in objection, that the woman he's longing to kiss and obvious mother to his child, is African American. He's a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, headed to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for a permanent change of station. He reunites with Trent Johnson; his former platoon leader, friend, and soon to be discovered, boy next door to the woman in his dreams.
Fate lands him directly in front of the African-American goddess he's dreamed about every night for the last eight months. However, there is one very big problem. Neither Laytoria James, nor their fathers are for the union. He must battle through the prejudices of their families and friends, while convincing her that he is
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Title: Regular

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