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The Consequence Of Temptation


The hearty, “wow God,” happy ending is put on hold when JaQuan Sulter’s character is severely tarnished by the fiery passion of his flesh, fueled by the twenty-three years of constrained testosterone exploding through his pores. He has severely underestimated the power of passion. The haunting dysfunctional relationship of his parents invades his life, permanently threatening his union with Vanessa. The past demons he raced against time to evade, break through the tough exterior he forged most of his life with good deeds. Deeds that were Pharisaical at best lacked a genuine submission to God, causing him to fail in every area of his life. The man staring back at JaQuan in the mirror more than marginally resembles his biological father.

Eric Johnson proves to be more than a friend and ex-lover to Vanessa as she attempts to untangle the messy mixture between her and JaQuan. At the same time, Vanessa fights to hold on to her sanity and trust after another devastating loss, seemingly again at God’s hand, since her conversion to Christianity. Her friend Samantha is also uncertain as skeletal secrets fall out of the closets of her and Adrian’s marriage with an overwhelming stench of death.

The abusive situation between Katrina and Jason Morris climaxes with an explosion of evil control, intimidation, and manipulation, with their son Jared Morris and Troy Hopkins caught in the middle. After Jason and Troy square off in a showdown, Troy is subpoenaed as an ally for Katrina’s abuser. Her desperate hope to obtain custody of Jared lands in the hands of a woman she has barely interacted with since Jared’s birth. 

The Consequence of Temptation will leave you breathless with heart papulations as your gut’s anger and anxiety explode.

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