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The Fight For Life

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Just when his life appeared to take the turn toward normal, Justice finds himself in an unfamiliar place... RAGE! Every decision he makes for his family, ultimately ends in disaster. He contemplates the unthinkable, as the dark world of Satan rears its ugly head and unleashes its fury upon his family, yet again. His anger is all but out of control, and no mere prayer will extinguish the flame. Will the grace and mercy of God prevail yet again in his life? Raymond finds the true meaning of forgiveness. A lesson he grossly underestimated previously as an easy task of merely speaking meaningless words out of his mouth. The mindset of “once a Knight always a Knight” threatens to lunge him back into the streets as he seeks revenge. The teens rally around each other in support, as two of their own prepare to enter the scary world of teen parenthood. Relationships hang in the balance, and the nature of man explodes on every corner. As this series comes to a riveting climax, doubt all but overtake every character, an
Title: Regular
Title: Regular

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