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The Opportunity For Temptation

There is nothing new under the sun, and Tennessee Mountaineers' JaQuan Sulter, Adrian Stevens and Troy Hopkins, find themselves right smack in the middle of... "nothing new!" JaQuan, an all-star rookie wide receiver, is having the time of his life, but soon finds himself on unchartered ground. His off the gridiron values stand out more so than his gift to play the sport. He has never taken a drink, smoked or fallen victim to drugs, and prides himself in the fact that he has remained sexually pure. He is unsure, and overwhelmed when God presents his bride-to-be. To his surprise, she is neither a Christian, virgin, nor willing to become his wife. She has no desire to date, much less marry, a professional athlete. Especially one she cannot try the reigns with. However, he is smitten by her beauty and a very sexy physique. He has naively entered into... "The Opportunity for Temptation". He learns very quickly that he must become a lover of her soul, more than of her body. What God requires of JaQuan concerning he
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Title: Regular

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