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The Other Side Of Through: All Things Work Together


Revamped, renewed, relaunched.

Tragedy has struck Talinda Travis’ perfect world. A harsh reality has overshadowed the one thing she waited not so patiently on for a lifetime. The man of prophecy, handpicked by God just for her, lay dying in her arms at the hands of a madman. How could this possibly be the right division of God’s word that says, ‘All things work together for the good?’  Talinda would come to understand her husband’s favorite quote, “Ministry is Always Required.” She finds herself in a place she thought she would never be at such a young age… a grieving widow. The woman she’d kept at arm’s length for most of her life would be her most valuable asset as she fights to stay emotionally afloat. Meanwhile, Nevette Naythia Goodfellow appears to be living the dream life with her newlywed husband, Derrick Justice Goodfellow II. She’s in total bliss and awe of God as she indulges in His most powerful gift on earth... love!  While Nevette is living inside her fairy tale, her closest friend Lindsay has perfected the art of masking a devastating secret. One that, if exposed, would threaten the spiritual stability of the small town where she spent most of her childhood. Every God-given emotion you have within will surface as you journey into Talinda and Nevette’s world in this riveting series. You will sigh with dreamy eyes…laugh out loud…cry, and want to explode with revenge as you travel to The Other Side of Through with Talinda and Nevette!

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