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The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death


The Valley of the Shadow of Death promises to be as exhilarating as its predecessors. The journey into the lives of Talinda, Nevette, and the supporting cast continues to advance through a twisted maze riddled with suspense and anticipation. We find Justice desperately grasping to hold his marriage, family, and state of mind together after the unexpected befalls the junior Goodfellow residence. When it rains, it pours! Justice learns a hard lesson, and the men of Grace Tabernacle intercede to keep him afloat mentally when he is forced to stand by helpless as his wife appears to fall off the deep end. Death appears to have been dealt on every hand in his life, and the question escapes his lips, “God… why are you allowing this to happen to my family?”He’s stumbling through a valley of death that his actions originated as he realizes that some of the ‘weapons formed against us’ are indeed our own doing. By his actions, he has given the enemy the authority to unleash an all-out war upon his family, and he can only watch as the results of those actions manifest in a powerful fury! The question of Bernard’s survival is answered, and the birth of the twins is bittersweet for the Travis family. New characters are introduced, and everything Brandon fought and died for is challenged as Raymond struggles with another loss. A fit of hidden anger kindles inside Raymond, threatening to explode and rock Talinda’s perfect peace again. Come inside and find out who emerges from the other side of…The Valley of the Shadow of Death.

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Title: Regular

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